If you want top quality embroidered lettering then there is nothing that will come close to a font that has been carefully & skillfully digitised by an expert digitiser - especially one who has years of digitizing experience and is FANATICAL about quality!

The most frequently asked question we hear over and over again is . . . .
. . . . How do we produce better quality block lettering at small sizes?

It was because of this question that we decided to do something about it. We got together with one of Australia's most sought after digitisers Mel Beale from Digitizers Direct. When we had collected a list of the 18 most in demand fonts, we started work. The task we had undertaken turned out to be much bigger than we had anticipated, but having started we had to keep going. We worked long and hard (literally many hundreds of hours) and produced what our customers tell us are outstanding embroidery fonts that work beautifully without the need to edit, tweak & refine

ES BLOCK (UR) is our blockbuster
BEST SELLER. This is a highly refined small block font that automatically changes the shape of charcter stems as you reduce the size. It has been demonstrated many times at our embroidery roadshows (clinics) running at high speed and at sizes as small as 3.0mm using a standard needle and thread and down to an incredible 2.0mm (1/10") using a size 9 needle and thin King Star thread.

When embroiderers see this font running on a woven workshirt at 2.0mm . . . . there's no way they are going to leave without a copy for their business.

Fonts list CLICK HERE or use the Font List menu at the top of this page

Hurry . . . special discounts until Jan 31st 2013

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