The manual digitizing, checking, editing and test stitching of ES Fonts has taken hundreds of hours
If you have ever digitized a font from start-to-finish then you will understand what We are saying. It's not only the time required to digitize each character, but the time to adjust overlaps, letter heights and the individual kerning of each characters in relationship to all other characters.

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What does 'kerning' mean?
Kerning is the adjustment of space between pairs of characters to make them more visually appealing. Kerned pairs are created to improve the spacing between two letters when the normal spacing is less than ideal. Without Automatic kerning, you have to manually adjust letter spacing individually. ES Fonts are kerned to be optically correct. The spacing of a font has a large impact on how word/s look and when it comes to embroidery, it can also illiminate unwanted trims.

Here's a brief list of the work we had to do

* Each character shape has been digitized very carefully and is as close to perfect as we can get it so as to produce perfect curves and clean stems with minimal overlaps.

* Each font has been tested in different machine makes in order to get the best result and the best density for different garments.

* Character spacing has been extensively tested, adjusted and re-tested using as many character combinations as possible to make sure that the spacing was spot on. We've even adjusted the spacing for commonly used punctuation for both capital and lower case characters.

* Some fonts for printing have peculiarities in their original design. For example, some fonts have one or two characters that have thinner stems than the others. This doesn't look so good when embroidered, so we fattened them up a little to balance the appearance.

* We took great trouble to find ways of digitizing characters in such a way that thread trims are eliminated inside letters and so that stem tuck-ins (overlaps) work when the character sequence is either left to right, right to left or centre out.

* Some of our fonts have been improved even further with user refined changes to some characters. These user refined changes mean that when you choose a font size of less than say 10mm, alternate characters are used instead. This is done so that problems caused by small stitches, thin stems and stem distortions can be avoided.
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All of the work that has gone into ES fonts means that you don't have to worry about unwanted trims, correct kerning and proper overlap sequence. It's as easy as entering the text and generating the stitches! Every ES Font comes with a guide to achieving the best result for different garments at different sizes! Even different machine makes!
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