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We chose the most popular, commonly requested fonts
The fonts we've focused on digitizing are the ones that are most commonly requested by our digitizing clients. These fonts are used very often for logos on both Corporate Wear and Workwear. Fonts that you use over and over again are a good investment for your Embroidery or Digitizing Business as they save you time and increase your profits.
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Why create more fonts in the first place?

Well, I'm guessing that like us, you've probably spent countless hours manually digitizing letters because you didn't have that particular font.
Editing an existing font to suit your client's font requirements.
Trying to get a better result from an existing font on a difficult fabric or at an extreme size.

-I shudder to think how much time & money we have lost doing any one or all of the above.

Embroidery customers are more demanding than ever - they want smaller text

A user refined font is a font that has been further edited and refined so as to produce the best possible quality across a broad range of letter heights. ES user refined fonts can be used with both Wilcom version 2006 and the latest version e1.5 of both Deco Studio and Embroidery Studio

How does a user refined font work?
The images below show how a user refined font selects a different version of a letter automatically when the letter height reaches a pre-determined value. In this example the blue letter was created at 15mm whereas the rose coloured letter was created at 14.9mm. So in this case the rose coloured version was set to be used at all sizes less than 15mm whereas the Blue version is used at all sizes above 15mm.
Why do user refined fonts improve quality and productivity?
We know that small stitches can reduce embroidery quality but they also increase thread breakage. So in order to avoid small stitches as the letter height reduces, the left column of the user refined letter has been digitised with stitch angles that remain constant to the stem.

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