ES Fonts enquiry form
Please note: ES fonts are compatible with Wilcom V2006 and later versions (all levels)

Font Prices:
  • Prices are Australian dollars
  • 10% GST is charged on all sales within Australia.

  • Advanced & Complex ES Fonts

    ES Block (UR)
    ES Amphion (UR)
    ES Arial Black Left Shadow (C)

    Price . . . . . . . . . . $235.00 (+ GST Australian custmers only)

    Standard ES fonts with fully automatic kerning of characters

    ES Bank Gothic Medium
    ES Book Antiqua
    ES French Script
    ES Futura Medium
    ES Gill Sans
    ES Harrington
    ES Helvetica Condensed
    ES Lucida Sans
    ES Meta Medium
    ES Microgramma Bold
    ES Microgramma Normal
    ES Minstrel
    ES Monotype Corsiva
    ES Optane
    ES Script 1
    ES Trebuchet

    Price . . . . . . . . . . $150.00 per font (+ GST Australian custmers only)

    User Refined & complex fonts
    These special fonts have fully automatic kerning of characters that maintains perfect spacing without the need for manual adjustment . They also have many different versions of some characters, which are selected and used automatically by Wilcom depending upon the charcater size chosen.

    For example:

    At small sizes, the column width for serrifs on some fonts become so fine that the stitches sink into the fabric and disappear or distort.

    ES Amphion overcomes this problem by automatically detecting that the column width is too small. It then selects a different version of the character that has been digitised so that the stitches on the serrifs run in the opposite direction. This greatly improves the quality of the stitchout at small sizes.

    ES Block (our most popular font) has many user refined changes to characters and completely new characters that allow unparalleled stitch out quality down to 3mm with a normal needle and thread and even as far down as 2mm with a fine needle and thread.

    To purchase ES Fonts
    If you have an account with Embroidery Source simply fill out the enquiry form below and we will bill to your account and send the download link.

    Don't have an account with us?
    You can purchase ES fonts directly from our secure Embroidery Source web store
    web store

    Enquiry form
    Please fill out and submit the enquiry form. We will send you a quotation by return email with the total price including any applicable discounts.

    Please read the ES Fonts License agreement before making a purchase.
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