High quality embroidery fonts carefully & skillfully digitised for Wilcom software by one of Australia's finest digitizers.

Embroidery digitizing trainers all over the world hear the same question over and over again.
How do we improve the sew-out quality of block lettering at small sizes?


There's the time consuming, hard way which is to become an expert at editing existing fonts and to do that over and over again each time you create a new design with small lettering in it.

Then there's the smart way that is quick and easy. You simply purchase a custom designed font for Wilcom like ES Block. A font that has been meticulously created and tested over many months by two embroidery industry experts:

* Embroidery Source - Australia leading supplier of embroidery equipment and Wilcom trainers for over 30 years
* Mel Beale who is one of the embroidery industry's most highly respected digitizers and who's designs are well know for producing excellent quality on the first sew-out

We have done all the hard work . . . . . so that you don't have to!

You simply set and forget and let ES Block do all the hard work for you

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