ES Fonts - User license agreement
Single User license:
When you purchase a single user ES font, we transfer to you the right to use that font on only one (1) Wilcom system at any one time. It can be installed on more than one computer but only if those computers are used with the same Serial Number Wilcom security device.

Multi-user license:
If you intend to use an ES font on more than one Wilcom system at the same time (using more than one security device) you must purchase additional copies of the same font. Multi-user versions of ES fonts are reduced to 50% of the single user price.

Non copy agreement:

  • You must not make copies of any ES font except for the purpose of making a backup for your own use.
  • You must not sell any ES font to another person or persons
  • You must not trade any ES font in return for either goods or services
  • You must not give away any ES font under any circumstances.

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