How can I tell if my Wilcom is a legal version?

Do you use your software to do any of the following things?

  • create lettering
  • edit designs
  • digitize designs or parts of a design
  • If the 'Wilcom' software you use can do any of the above and if it can be used without a security device, then it is almost certainly an illegal copy and if you use it you are breaking the law.

    Note: Old versions of Wilcom use a Trysoft security card which plugs into one of the internal slots inside the computer. Later versions use a serial type security device that plugs into the printer port and the very latest versions have a USB type of security device.

    If I suspect that my Wilcom may be an illegal copy - What can I do?
    If you think that you may have un-knowingly purchased an illegal copy or if you have taken over an existing business that was already using and illegal copy then there IS something that you can do without risk of fines or legal action.

    Contact us now and we will help you to upgrade to a genuine (legal) version of Wilcom's world leading embroidery software.
    Here are four very good reasons for upgrading to a legal version:

    * Your Wilcom software will work the way it is supposed to work
    * You will have access to good advice, technical support, service packs & upgrades.
    * You will never have to worry about heavy fines or possible imprisonment for using illegal software
    * You will be helping to ensure that we all have continued access to the high quality Wilcom products that have helped so many embroidery businesses to succeed and prosper over many, many years.

    Please read the ES Fonts license agreement

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