Our No. 1
selling font for Wilcom is ES Block (UR).
When you see this font running at 1,000 stitches per minute on a work shirt at 3mm (1/8") and even smaller if you use a fine needle and thread you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

If you use ES Block and your competitor doesn't you will have a serious advantage over them. They will think that you have an expert digitiser and a tighly kept secret.

ES Block has fully automatic character spacing (kerning) that we have tested and adjusted to perfection. Character spacing is perfect every time

Now to the real power feature of ES Block.
We have diigitised multiple versions of many letters and numbers (User refinements), each version digitized with modifications to setm shapes and stem overlap in order to produce the best stitchout quality at all sizes - but especially at small sizes.

Now this might sound complicated but it couldn't be easier for you.

Each special character is selected and used automatically by Wilcom according to the character height that you have chosen to use.

For example: If the character height is 15mm or more, one set of charcters will be used

If the height is less than 15mm but more than 8mm, a different set of characters will be used

As you adjust the letter height the characters are changed instantly and very often without you even knowing that it has happened.

One thing that you certainly will see . . . . is the best quality pre-digitised lettering that you can buy for Wilcom.

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