Many Embroidery Business Owners Have Clearly Identified The Opportunity For Growth By Adding Other Methods Of Garment Decoration Services To Their Business.

Wilcom Now Includes The Full Corel Suite Of Graphics Programs, Which Provides You With The Perfect Package For Embroidery, Most Types Of Garment Printing And Vinyl Cutting.

When it comes to designs and lettering we have not found any other embroidery software that compares with Wilcom. The latest release of Deco Studio & Embroidery Studio e2.0 ship with the full Corel X5 graphic design and image editing software integrated into the one progam.

You can import a high quality bitmap image, convert it to a vector image automatically and then convert the whole vector design or selected parts of it to embroidery automatcially.

For those who require a higher level of control over the design creation process, there are more digitizing input tools and deeper levels of adjustment available in each higher level of Wilcom.

Entry levels:
Deco Studio and Deco Studio Gold
Wilcom's entry level embroidery program offering 140+ digitized fonts, design editing tools and three digitizing input methods.

Deco Studio does the thinking for you by automatically selecting the best stitch density, underlay type and pull compensation values for the type of design and fabric you have chosen.

Advanced - Embroidery Studio
Level 1 & Level 1 Gold
Level 2 & Level 2 Gold
Level 3
Embroidery Studio Levels 1, 2 & 3, offer even more features and tools that both speed up digitizing and enhance the level of creative stitcing effects that can be achived.

So if you're a 'power user' who needs to get right into the settings and take full control of your designs then Embroidery Studio could be just what you need.

If you would like to start reaping the benefits that Wilcom can provide, here are some options. You can -

# Upgrade from an older version of Wilcom to the current version 2.0
# Upgrade from a lower level of Wilcom to a higher level
# Trade-in another make of embroidery software against Wilcom and receive a generous trade-in allowance

Find out what your upgrade or trade-in options/costs are
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