Why is it that so many companies struggle to produce good quality embroidered lettering at small sizes?

One crucial factor is the make of embroidery software they use and what embroidery fonts they have access to. Of course training and experience are also vitally important but even with training and experience there is only so much you can do if you don't have great fonts.

I've yet to see a low priced program that does a good job on lettering (especially at the small sizes that are so often required in commercial embroidery). You see it's much, much easier to produce large embroidered letters that look ood than it is to produce small sizes. The difference in quality between large and small sizes becomes magnified when working T-shirts, Polo shirts and other knitted fabrics like school jumpers.

What makes Wilcom stand out
This is where Wilcom stands out from the rest of the pack and this is why we at ES Fonts chose to create new embroidery fonts for use with Wilcom. By manually digitizing every character, number and all the punctuation we knew exactly how each letter would perform.

It's more than simply digitizing each letter
We then manually adjusted all of the character kerning (spacing) values so that when you enter text, the spacing will be optimised for you, saving you valuable time - over and over again.

After the kerning table were all finished we took it to another, higher level by creating 'User Refined' versions of some fonts. User refined fonts are even more powerful and flexible.

The power of a user refined font comes from having multiple versions of characters. Each version has been digitized to produce the best result within a defined size range.

When you change the height of the letter, Wilcom replaces each character with another version which has been optimised for use at the new size - and it happens in the blink of an eye. You might not even know that it has happened - but you will see the end result when you stitch out the design.

That's the power of ES Fonts for Wilcom

The history of embroidery digitizing

About digitizing embroidery fonts

More about User refined fonts

The ES Fonts guarantee

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